Thursday, January 13, 2011

Petey Pie Farms

Hair clips for little girls are all the rage right now. I have had so much fun finding bows, head bands, and clips for Havensong! They don't even need hair to enjoy most of these fun items. The alligator clips will go on headbands and crocheted hats. It's a great way to show off their little personality and will always garnish a smile from those around them.

My cousin Alison is one of the cutest people I know, so it makes sense she sells the cutest hair clips. They are embroidered felt, cut into whimsical shapes. How can you resist this elephant?
And I cannot WAIT to have Havensong sport these Valentine clips.

And Come ON.....this little chicken clip??! She can wear this with her little rubber boots...
Check out her shop and find something that fits your little girl just right. You better hurry if you want something for Valentine's Day!

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