Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Favorite: A Fine Frenzy

        Alison Sudol is the leader of A Fine Frenzy. It is currently the music I play while I drive, walk and write. Her lyrics are so whimsical and pretty. She introduced herself to the world in 2007 with her album One Cell In The Sea. It was met with rave reviews and established her as one of the most talented songwriters and singers around. Her band name reflects her love of literature, as it was taken from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. Well, no wonder I love her music....she is  inspired by such beautiful words. Her Album, Bomb In A Birdcage highlighted her upbeat style and was also a big success. Her songs make you stop what you are doing so you can hear what she is saying. The melodies are lilting and lovely. I am excited to hear her new album coming out in the Spring. Here is a song from her Christmas album, Oh Blue Christmas.

I think she only has one official video, and here it is...

I love her song called, makes me well up with tears at the most inopportune times...(treadmill)

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