Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Havensong LOVES Beyblades!

    This was Havensong's first Christmas home. She loved it. She had a nonstop supply of treats and nonstop hustle and bustle. She thought it was so much fun and I loved seeing her enjoy it all. We had my niece Brittany and her family visiting from California. Her baby, Liam is ADORABLE. It was so nice having them here with us.

 Brittany made us yummy Indian food. It was so good we are still talking about it. In fact, right now at 12:18 in the morning.... I am wishing I had some. Especially some NAAN!
             I think my favorite moment was how thrilled Havensong was over the Beyblades we gave Chase. They were a big hit. The adults spent HOURS playing with them. I thought Havensong's face was going to crack in half she was smiling so big watching them!

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