Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mountain Lake

           Today was our day to hike around the lake. Scott got up first and made a great breakfast for us and then we got ready to head out. I decided to wear my long underwear for the hike even though Scott told me I would be way too hot. I thanked him for the compliment but insisted. I so disliked being cold and the thought of being far from the car and shivering was just too much. So, I wore a tank top, long underwear, knit pants, a sweatshirt, my ear muffs and my jacket. I came downstairs and waited for him to get ready. In about forty-five seconds I was suffocating so I threw open the door of the living room so I could get some cool air on me. He told me again, "YOU WILL BE TOO HOT." I just looked at him and shook my head no.

        We arrived at the lake and started up the trail. I felt just right. We went up the first hill and I started to feel a tiny bit warm. We went up the second hill and I was asking myself how I was going to go four more miles like this. We finished the third hill and I was taking my shirts off and tossing them to Scott. He was now the one shaking his head. He was nice though and tied my long underwear around his waist so I wouldn't have to carry it.

      The woods were beautiful. The different layers of green looked more like a storybook than real life. The fresh air felt energizing and again we seemed to be the only people for miles around.
     We decided to take a little break on the edge of a cliff and have a snack. Scott brought cheese, crackers and almonds. The clouds were hanging low above us but by the time we were done eating the sun had broken through and we sat there happily soaking up the warmth. Well that is until we heard an animal bounding towards us at full speed. I screamed as a huge dog stopped right behind us, his breath on our necks. A dog isn't so scary, but when you feel as if you are alone in the woods the last thing that registers in your mind is a dog because dogs are usually with people. I was thinking mountain lion. Honestly, I am thankful I didn't jump right off of the cliff. We went from quiet and calm to me hollering my head off in a split second. A few seconds later a lady came bee bopping down the trail with headphones in hers ears and calls the dog. "WELL, HE IS SORT OF ON A LEASH!" she yelled. That ended our little picnic lunch. Scott dusted off the cheese that went flying, popped it in his mouth and back to the trail we went.

             After we finished our hike we drove to the top of Mt. Constitution. On our way up we saw this adorable little tree in the middle of a lake, covered in ice. It looked so out of place that I gasped when I saw it. Little did I know it was a small warning of how cold it would be just a few miles up the road,

            The view at the top of the mountain was breathtaking. We climbed to the top of the steps and took in the view. It was so wonderful. But it was so cold. Like can't move your fingers cold. Like can't crack a smile cold. We stayed there as long as we could and then ran back to the car and drove down the mountain. It was a great day.

                        We ended it at the local tavern as the only customers there, split a burger and played pool. This has been a perfect getaway. I so miss the kids and am looking forward to the rest of the Christmas season, but Orcas Island has been very refreshing. I have had fun just hanging out with Scott. We've had a lot of laughs and have made great memories.

 Scott noticed this little message on a log as we were hiking. I think it was put there for us. To honor our twenty years together. It's been work, but I am reminded of something a lady told me not long ago. She was in a wheelchair in a nursing home. Her husband had passed but they had been married for over sixty years. She looked me straight in the eye and said two times in a row with complete assurance in her voice,
"Marriage is hard, but it is good."

Happy Anniversary Scott. Here's to Everafter...

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