Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Singing At Our Wedding

          We had a great time celebrating our 20th Year Anniversary. It's a huge milestone and deserves to be treated as so. We had a great week on Orcas Island, and finished it up with a lovely night out for dinner tonight. We went to The Fork restaurant at Agate Bay. It was perfect.

 Afterward we drove to the mall and (Alison, brace yourself) Scott made us DOUGH CONES to eat while sitting in the parking lot! After our wedding we went to the Mall and had dough cones and shopped before we did anything else! So Scott thought it would be a great way to relive that moment. We then took our dough cones into Wood's Coffee. The barista was amazed when she realized what we were eating. I reminded Scott that everyone is always envious of anyone eating a dough cone. :) I think Tayler should serve them at her wedding. They are a true staple in this family!

      Scott and I exchanged gifts. I adore Beatrix Potter.  He gave me her complete library. I read him my favorite story, The Tale Of Two Bad Mice while we sat there, eating our dough cones and drinking our coffee.It's about two little mice who sneak into a doll house while the dolls are out for the day. Oh how I laugh when they get so angry over the little fake ham and try to burn it up in the red crinkle paper fireplace. I spent hours reading these stories to Tayler when she was a baby. For Scott, I gave him twenty little gifts. One for each year with a note attached on each gift telling him why I fell in love with him. One reason I fell for him was his great voice. I had the cassette of us singing at our wedding transferred to a CD for him. When I picked up the finished product from Current Media, the guy at the counter said, "This song is so cheesy but so awesome." I agree it is dated, but I got teary eyed  when I listened to it. It brought back so many memories. Scott and I sang this song in the car while we drove all around Phoenix. Yes, I cringe at parts, but who cares about going flat?! We were young and in love and singing for our wedding day! ( I need to send out a big thanks to Beau for getting the audio file on my blog.)

          We aren't done celebrating yet. In August we are going to Ireland and Scotland to watch Beau compete at the World Championships with the RMM Pipe Band. I know that will be so memorable. I can't wait to trot all over the UK with Scott!

           It has been a wonderful, difficult, rewarding, beautiful, challenging, amazing two decades. We have learned so much. We have grown so much. I feel marriage reflects a picture of God's steadfast Love for us. Scott and I were talking tonight at dinner about this. What is most wonderful about God? Too numerous to list...but I am thankful for His unending, steadfast love. It's that anchor that holds us in the midst of crashing waves. That anchor is the only thing keeping us from hurtling face first into the frigid waters. The romantic emotional part of marriage will eventually turn to steadfast love. It's comforting, lasting and true.

True...I love that word.

And now we march to twenty-one.

And I am too tired to edit this post. I have to crawl into bed. Forgive me for any typos...gnite.


  1. Michelle.... I can't describe what I am feeling after reading this post and listening to the song. I think I finally exhaled. The song was dated yes, but beautiful and you guys sound amazing! Nate was shocked :) hope has filled me anew. I love you.