Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chick Magnet

Ok....I haven't picked up Chick Magnet since he was a baby, so it took a lot of courage today to grab hold of him. We found a perfect wee little leprechaun outfit for him to wear in his photo shoot.

My friend Wendy came over to help me catch him and her husband Brian took video. I had to chuckle when she showed up in her fancy boots with heels. She pulled up her pant legs above the top of her boots and we headed out to the chicken yard. I had already been out there eyeing him down. He seemed to sense something was afoot. He was getting angry so I shut him in the hen house to give myself a breather. I held my foot against the door as he flung himself against it. I could hear him calling me filthy names from inside the whole time. I think my laughing at him made him more angry at me.

Wendy and I gave ourselves a pep talk and started after him. Remember, Leghorn Roosters are the meanest breed out there. This was risky. I chased him around a few times and finally grabbed a hold of him. I wasn't worried about him pecking at me violently or trying to spur me.....I was worried Brian had just filmed my butt crack for all of my followers to see. So I stood there yelling ..... "Brian!! Did you get my BUTT CRACK??!!" while Chick Magnet was flapping in my arms.

We then proceeded to get him into his little outfit. I found if I closed his eyes it helped immensely. We then set him down and had such a good laugh while he ran around the yard in his little green suit. He DOVE under the hens to hide....I screamed at him to stop being chicken. (I know, not funny) We snapped photos for him to autograph tomorrow. And I have already printed one out....it's a great shot. In case you are worried, he was not harmed during this process. I mean really....if it wasn't for his popularity on this blog, he would have been soup long ago. I tried to post a video but am having trouble getting it to work. I will figure it out.... Stay tuned...there is much more to come.


  1. Sounds like you had a blast!
    Chick Magnet is a trooper for letting you take pictures of him all dressed up to the nines!
    By the way I LOVE the new boots!
    YOU always have been (30+ years) a good story teller, now you are GREAT!

  2. Thanks Ginny.....I love the boots too. They are from Jen. And I so love to tell a story. <3

  3. I still can't get over that pic of you kissing the hen!!!
    Chic Magnet looks thrilled to be wearing the coat! LOL

  4. I absolutely love it!! The boots are crazy! My fav is u kissin the chicken!!

  5. I love that one too.....it is classic. And tomorrow he will be signing his picture and we will be dressed up in the green outfits.

  6. What a cute Chick Magnet!

    Thanks for writing such a fun blog. I sure enjoy following along.