Saturday, March 13, 2010

No Butts About It.....

I guess I really missed the boat on this subject. I have been begging my Mom to quit smoking for years. She has finally done it. I didn't give her enough credit. I have never smoked and don't know how hard it is to quit. I am sure it is just a horrible experience. I applaud anyone out there who has conquered it. I just didn't know she would be very grouchy afterwards.
I looked at her the other day and said.
"You are griping at me about everything"
She said
"I told you nobody would like me if I quit smoking."

I like her.
I love her.

And I am sorry for.......

1) Not having anything but water to drink.
2) Spending too much time on Facebook
3) Not opening a Pumpkin Farm
4) Buying produce at Safeway instead of having my own 2 acre garden
5) Not having a horse. Or a fence to keep it in. Or a barn to house it.
6) Buying expensive protein powder
7) Buying coffee at Starbucks
8) Getting rid of my clothes
9) Not having cable in proper locations in the house
10) Not having dust mite boxes for the chickens
11) Staying out too late
12) Not answering my phone
13) Choosing friends that annoy her
14) Not helping at the other house
15) Not cleaning out my fridge BEFORE I went grocery shopping.

I spent some time reading up on quitting smoking. I know that it makes you really frustrated with everything. I will just smile and nod and tell her I will consider her thoughts. If you know my Mom, you also know that arguing or making her angry can be risky.....
I am still thankful she quit. Not everyone is that tough.

Way to go Mom!


  1. What are dust mite boxes? Am we supposed to have them?

  2. hahaha! I know! I will ask her again...but I am a little afraid. She was SO appalled I was lacking them.

  3. Don't apologize for who you are!
    You are awesome in your very own Michelle way!
    Tell your mom I said WooHoo for quitting!

  4. Oh ya - and how cool is that, she rides and competes!

  5. Cutzi....She said Chicken Lice boxes...not dust mites!