Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Welcome Jerry!

So you all know about Jerry. He is the one who helped me so much when I first got my chickens. He is the one who shares his wisdom and humor freely with customers. He is now a follower of my blog. He has emerged from the woodwork! I went in to Elenbaas Country Store today to give him a picture of Chick Magnet in his green outfit.

There are new little baby chicks in tempting! We discussed getting a back up Chick Magnet just in case the unforeseeable were to happen. I guess I could house him in his own little bachelor pad out back behind the hen house.

Jerry said he thought about googling Chick Magnet, but then instantly changed his mind. That search would bring up the wrong sort of chick. Oh that made me laugh....he said there would be no way to explain that one.

I was in there a couple of days ago and asked them if they had ever heard of removing spurs by using a baked potato. They looked at each other and I promise you they were silent for a full minute. "What, have you never heard of that?" I asked. He told me had heard of a baked potato next to a chicken on a plate, but never ON him."

I thought they were going to say...

"Oh Yeah, the old baked potato in Lynden have been using that one for decades. It's FOOL PROOF"......

I guess I will have to look into that one some more. If I try it and it works, then it will be big news around here. I will earn a little respect as a true chicken farmer. :)

I told Jerry that when I get 100 followers I want to celebrate big with Chick Magnet. Host a fun run with him or something. He said I should bring him back to where it all began and have his photo taken with the Elenbaas employees. That hit me as a GREAT idea!!! My friend Wendy offered to make a cake. Maybe we can get a hen to jump out of it....just for kicks.

Chick Magnet would love that, I am sure.

I just wanted to welcome Jerry to our little community. And thank him for all of his great help.



  1. Michelle i couldnt wait to get home from work to read your latest blog post you are a gifted writer!! P.S. I read it to my wife who laughted out loud with me you make working at the feed store fun {i think} thanks again jerry

  2. Haha! Thanks! How about I get a job there part time?? I could help out with any and all poultry questions....

  3. Another funny one......welcome Jerry and all the Elenbaas gang!

  4. Welcome Jerry! We've been hearing such great things about you since Michelle got the chicks.

  5. So.... who is going to capture chick magnet to take him to the feed store for said celebration??

  6. I guess that will be me.....or you Shelly! can't be mentioned in my blog when you are going under a fake name! ;)