Thursday, March 18, 2010


You will receive a $38.00 Starbucks Card and an autographed picture of Chick Magnet. Woo-Hoo!

After Autumn drew your name out of the bowl I told her "Ohhh, Nicole is going to LOVE you!" She looked at me and said "Mom, like she doesn't love me already..."

Thanks for following Nicole! Congratulations again on your ADORABLE baby boy.

In fact, he is so cute I have to post his photos here for your enjoyment. Anyone who makes children this cute deserves our rooster's mug shot.

Congratulations Nicole Dossey!


  1. I AM SO THRILLED! I NEVER WIN ANYTHING! I feel like a celebrity! Thanks! I can't wait to hang my picture and know how I love Starbucks! I need it these days...5 hours of sleep a night is killing me. THANKS SO MUCH!

  2. Nicole sounds so excited! I would be too if I was only getting 5 hours sleep.
    Congrats Nicole!