Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bird Flu?? ME?!

I woke up this morning and felt a little odd. I felt dizzy and off balanced. I felt like every time I looked to the right I was spinning. Things seemed out of focus. I took my glasses off over and over and kept blinking my eyes to "fix" the blurry feeling. I thought that maybe my perscription changed over night for my glasses. I checked my email and then got up to make breakfast. Scott walked into the kitchen. I told him I felt like something was "off". He got his coffee and headed back up the stairs. I heard him say on his way up,
"Maybe you caught the Bird Flu from the chicken."

Ha.Ha. Very Funny. I hate to admit it, but the thought did cross my mind. The hen was leaning to the right. She seemed dizzy....great!

Well, for those of you who even just barely know me, you understand that I could really run with something like that and totally freak out. I took my glasses off, squinted, put them back on began loading the dish washer. As I bent down, as I so often do, I pushed my glasses up. My index finger gouged right into my eye.


There was NO LENS. I pulled my glasses off, laughing. I was such a Dum-Dum. I put them on, ran upstairs and told Scott I didn't have the Bird Flu after all. I leaned down and said,
"Look really hard at this picture... tell me what is missing?"
It took him a little while to see the problem...He thought that was pretty amusing. Mostly I think he was relieved that he was not in danger of catching the Bird Flu himself...

Now I just have to find that lens!


  1. Been there...done that. Only it was a result of putting the wrong contact in the opposite eye. It was a whacky looking world after that.
    Glad you don't have the bird flu!

  2. Only you - these things only happen to you!
    Love your stories!

  3. And to think that for a few hours yesterday my wife was being frisky and winking at me... oh well

  4. Autumn found my lens on the floor. Thanks!

  5. What happened to the girl that had all these panic attacks about having chickens last year for fear of getting bird flu? LOL you seem pretty fearless now!!!

  6. HAHAHA! does still creep up from time to time.