Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chick Magnet 2

I am happy to say our new Chick Magnet arrived. I know some of you are wondering why I seem so taken with my chickens. I do enjoy them, but I also spend my time doing lots of other things. This is just what I enjoy writing about right now. Chick Magnet is what you might call my Muse. (Thank You Tify!) He has spurred so many funny little stories that I am now turning it all into a collection of stories that I hope will then turn into a book. Front and back cover with lots of amusing pages in between. I am enjoying the process. It seems to be taking care of itself.

I would like to thank my pals at Elenbaas for finding me my new little rooster. He is so cute. He is sweet...and he even has a teeny little attitude. On the drive home he was throwing himself against the box. Each time he slammed into the side he would move it about an inch. If I hadn't stopped him he would have flung himself right off the seat. If I hadn't tamed one Leghorn I might have been worried. Instead I just lifted the lid and let him ride the rest of the way home on my lap. He even fell asleep for a while in my hand.
When I put him in the brood box with the other chicks he ran around like a...well....ya know...
The two week old chicks towered above him. He didn't seem to mind. He started pecking at them right away and herding them to a corner. I am sure they were thinking...

"Weren't we just fine without this little pest?"

Oh, and if you notice a red spot on Chick Magnet's head, it's just lipstick from me kissing him. No worries.


  1. I love how taken you are by those cute little things!

  2. I know.....I love baby anythings