Monday, April 5, 2010

Is it illegal to drive with a rooster on your lap?

Jerry and I decided that when Chick Magnet got 100 followers we would do a reunion photo. It just so happened that when he reached that mark, it fell on Jerry's Birthday. I woke up today fully prepared to drive my rooster down the road to Elenbaas for a social call. We would visit his beginnings, and wish Jerry Happy Birthday.

Autumn had Alexa and Chloe over. I told them it was time to go catch Chick Magnet. Out to the yard we marched with bunny ears and a large box. After much laughter on their part I caught him, took pictures of him in the ears and then started for the rooster under my arm. I told the girls to just forget putting him in the box. I would just belt him in with me. They tried in vain to talk me out of it. I assured them it was fine. He would behave. He had no choice.

As I pulled out onto the main road I looked in the rear view mirror at the girls in the back seat. They looked so unsure about this. Chloe said I won the "Psycho-Mom" award and Alexa told me she would never forget me and would tell her kids about me one day. They watched for police the whole mile and were very relieved when we pulled into Elenbaas and parked. I am happy to say, CHick Magnet did great.

Jerry was genuinely happy to see us. Chick Magnet and I wished him a Happy Birthday. Jerry told the customer at the counter that I was a great writer and gave her my blog address. He told her she could read all about Chick Magnet and his life. She agreed that EVERY chicken has a story. Nobody thinks about what happens BEFORE the frying pan.... but they all have something to tell.
I am so touched that Jerry truly enjoys my writing. It's so sweet of him to brag about my blog to his customers.

Two teenage girls came into the store and watched us taking pictures of Jerry and Chick Magnet. They didn't say anything to us but they did look a bit shocked. They looked even more surprised when I got back into the van with my rooster in my lap and buckled him in with me. Jerry ran out to take my picture and to give me Chick Magnet's birthday present. A new container of ROOSTER BOOSTER. I don't know quite what it will do for Chick Magnet, but I intend to find out!

Jerry asked me if it was legal to drive with a rooster in my lap. I honestly didn't know. Jerry's sister came out to say hello. She didn't know either. are going into law enforcement. Is it legal? Help us out....because Chick Magnet is invited back to Elenbaas for the Mother's Day sale. We should probably find out before then.....


  1. I'm trying some of that Rooster Booster tonight babe! :-)

  2. Michelle, now I really hope you weren't texting!!

  3. Michelle what would u do if he totally freaked out and started wiggling around and peckin at u while u were drivin....ur so crazy.....LOL

  4. sorry jessica at first i thought you meant if Scott tried rooster booster but then i realized you meant the picture of Chick Magnet in the car MY BAD

  5. Oh my GOSH!!
    Alison....Chick Magnet was texting the WHOLE TIME!
    Jessica...the thought did cross my mind....I am glad he didn't! I think he was so amazed he was in shock.

  6. Love the on going adventures with Chick Magnet. Chick Magnet really has a 100 followers? You're pretty funny Michelle!

  7. He is gaining quite the following. He is easy to love though, don't you think?

  8. You crack me up Michelle! Jerry you are a very good sport!

  9. Maybe someday they will make a movie and ill finally be a star but for now i really enjoy michelle and the rooster whats his name. He has more fans than I have freinds on fb oh well they say the good looking ones get all the attention!!! what can i say but BBOOAAKK BBOOAAKK! Jerry