Monday, April 26, 2010

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Maybe I am a bit behind the times here. Maybe you all have all seen this and I am just out of the loop. The kids put movies on from time to time and I force myself to sit and watch. Every now and then I actually enjoy myself....Like when they watch Surf's Up, Emperor's New Groove, or Pete's Dragon. (Hey..don't touch that one.)

They turned on Fantastic Mr Fox and I stood there for the first ten minutes not moving. It was so interesting I couldn't tear myself away! It was so witty and unique. I loved it! It has to be good if I am going to spend two hours of my life sitting in front of it.

The cast is wonderful and the story line is amusing. Mr Fox and his wife get caught stealing chickens. She tells him she is pregnant. He promises her if they get out of there alive he will find another line of work. He ends up as a newspaper columnist. He quickly tires of living in a hole and decides to go back to his former life so they can move up in the world.....

I will leave it at that....

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  1. I am wayyyy behind on movies, I haven't even heard of it! Thanks for the review, I will have to put it on Netflix. :)