Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chicken Saddle!?

I could have gone my whole life without knowing what a Chicken Saddle was. I have a hen that was getting pretty beat up by Chick Magnet. I joked about about putting a little white tank top on him and getting him a tiny black and white T.V.

I guess what I call "Abuse", he calls "Love." She is his main squeeze. He is head over spurs for her. Still, I don't think she loves getting her feathers pulled out all day long. I don't think she likes getting pecked on the back left and right. I mean it's great to be creative in the bedroom and all, but enough is enough. I owed it to her to find a solution...poor thing!

So I have ordered a lovely camouflaged "chicken saddle" to protect her from her hormone charged mate. I hope it helps. I hope he doesn't pick a new "favourite." If so then I will have to make the next saddle myself. Jerry found a pattern for them online. That was so nice of him to research that for me. If Chick Magnet wants to be Don Juan, then I will be better off making them instead of dropping fifteen bucks a pop.


  1. You know it is crazy when I google chicken saddles. They have some lovely designer ones:

    HA! Funny.

  2. I'm going to see if Bob would go for Logos producing some Chicken Saddles with our logo on them...