Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dr. Berry = One Great Vet

It's amazing the things I now know about chickens that I didn't know a year ago. I checked out all of the books. I thought I was prepared. Really, it's experience that teaches best. I was really sad to lose that rooster of mine. I still don't quite know what happened. It seems we had a "Romeo and Juliet" thing going on. None of the other hens got sick after Daisy and Chick Magnet died. She was his favorite hen and I will always wonder if he died of a broken heart.

In this whole process I found a vet I like alot. Dr Berry at Lynden Veterinary did a great job. I brought Chick Magnet to him because I remembered that a couple of years back he saved our bunny Edward after his stomach got blocked up. I took my rooster to him and I was AMAZED at the difference between the care and concern he showed compared to the other vet in town. My Mom was a bit hesitant about spending money on another chicken. But the thing is....Dr Berry is what some would call "Easy On The Eyes." After he came in and talked to us and told us he thought we should at least try to save Chick Magnet, my Mom was nodding in agreement. She was totally on board with everything he suggested. When he walked out she looked and me and said, "I need to get me some sick animals and fast."

We left Chick Magnet there overnight. It was so sad. He held his head up as proudly as he could and looked at me. I told my Mom to look at him. He just stared at us, not moving. I could tell it was so hard for him to feel weak. For those who say, "It's just a chicken"......that is just not so. He was more than just a chicken. He was our silly, moody, funny, little friend.

I will now bring all of my animals to Dr. Berry. He took time to listen to us. He did more than I could have asked in that situation. It is so obvious that he understands that each person walks in there with concerns, cares and fears. He puts things into great perspective and makes you feel at ease about hard decisions. He didn't give me "canned" answers. He sat on the counter with his coffee and chatted. He did all he could for Chick Magnet. He said he felt sad when he came in the next morning and he was gone. That meant a lot to me. He called me and told me he was sorry I lost him.

I am now letting my chickens roam free. I think it will keep them healthier. Before I was worried that an eagle or a dog would kill them. I would rather risk that in return for the health benefits of scratching for bugs and eating grass all day. They don't pick on each other anymore. They are too busy having fun. They are so much happier. They are making a huge mess kicking dirt everywhere, but it's worth it. They are just so funny to watch. I wish Chick Magnet could have ran around free all day like that. He would have loved it.

Oh well, I am learning as I go......right?

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  1. Nice tribute to your new found Vet Dr.Berry.