Thursday, June 10, 2010

Am I adopted?

I guess Beau has been trying to convince Chase that he is adopted. He asked me to just please tell him. I looked at Beau across the kitchen. He was smiling ear to ear. Mmmm-Hmmm...
"What?" Beau said. "I have been working on this one for two weeks."
Chase said, "Mom, just tell me the truth." He didn't seem to care much either way. He wanted to know if Beau would get in trouble.
I pointed out that he looks JUST like me so how on earth can he think that.
He said, " had BLACK hair until  you DYED it!"
I told him to look in the mirror.
Same eyes, nose and mouth....
He looked at me and nodded. He seemed convinced
You decide.


  1. I love that Beau. HA! Trust me, I was there. No adoption...hard, no epidural labor, pushing that lasted for hours and a cone head if I remember correctly. Good try Beau.

  2. And me telling my midwife that I was going to crawl across the bar and kill her.

  3. I keep trying to convince my family that I must have been adopted, but they keep denying it!