Thursday, June 3, 2010

Outback Kangaroo Farm

We went to the Outback Kangaroo Farm today. We enjoy it so much. I always stand there in the kangaroo pen trying to figure out how I am going to get myself one. They are $1,200 dollars. They don't seem to need fancy upkeep. They live as long as most dogs. They are so adorable and gentle. We fed them bread from our hands and hugged them. The amazing thing is they stay so soft even when they are big.

My favorite one was named "Crook". He was sooooo sweet. He and I are posing in the above photo. I laughed at how he stuck his head in as if to say "CHEEEESE!" I also had to chuckle at "Ozzie". Evidently he and another Kangaroo named "Jack" had a scuffle. Jack won...Ozzie was sporting a sling because he got his arm broken while they were fighting over the top of the fence. I felt Jack's biceps and I could see why he came out the victor. Wow...he had some serious guns.

We also visited the lemurs, emu's, ostriches, donkeys and llama's. We fed the llamas with our mouths. They would gingerly take the feed from us with their lips. I did it so many times trying to get a photo for my blog that my mouth was starting to taste like hay. One time "Fuzzy Butt" knocked teeth with me.
I know. Gross.
"Mr. T" wouldn't even take the food from me. My friend Tammi was trying to get a picture but it wasn't gonna happen. He was flat out rejecting me. I felt like a loser standing there with feed between my teeth begging some llama to please kiss me. Give me a break.

I was taken with all of the baby chicks running around with their Mama's. I asked the owner if he ever lost any. He said they stick close to home. I told him I meant do any DIE unexpectedly. He told me no. I told him I have once chicken die each month. He laughed but I wasn't joking. He then offered me a rooster. I told him I had one. I tried to tell him about Chick Magnet but he just looked at me like I was nuts.

We had a fun time. You should go for the day. It's not too far and it's a lot of bang for your buck. You can even hod a baby Roo al wrapped up in a blankie. That is how you get one when you buy it. That's just torture. I may be blogging about my new kangaroo sooner than later....

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