Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fine Mom....I will read up some more first.

 So my Mom and sister had some concerns over this program. They are valid concerns. So instead of plunging ahead and being stubborn, I will look into it.  I will talk to my naturopath and see what he says. I will read some more.

The thing is...I know exactly how to lose weight and have had great success this year with it. I am just at a plateau and thought this might be a good way to get past that. Also, I was curious. But you know about that whole saying about the cat...

My two friends are still going to start tomorrow so I will chart their progress and hope that it works great....since I talked them into doing it with me!
Instead, I will be very strict about no sugar or wheat and get back to my daily run no matter what. That is what has worked so far.

Bummer about all the bad food I ate yesterday!


  1. Michelle Oakland and Roberta Cargill have been doing this for several weeks now. Michelle has lost 27+ pounds now and I'm not sure about Robert but she looks awesome! I'm sure they could tell you about it from their perspective.

  2. I would find out more information on it. I agree with your mom and sister ;) It has good results, but seems odd to give yourself shots...just doesn't seem right, especially for a girl that doesn't like vaccines :) Let me know your research, I'd love to hear the pros and cons--I know you do good research.