Sunday, June 13, 2010


Tayler, Kyle and I were standing in the kitchen discussing Sponge Bob. I mentioned the fact that he wears glasses. Kyle told me he didn't think he did. I was sure of it. Tayler grabbed her phone and started texting. I didn't know she could surf the Internet on her phone. She told me she wasn't. She was texting ChaCha. She hit send and set her phone down.

"Who is ChaCha?!" I asked. She said she has shown it to me before. I kindly disagreed. Kyle told me that there were people just sitting there waiting to answer questions. I couldn't believe it! How did I not know about this??

 Do you all know about this?  Am I that out of the loop?

All of a sudden the phone buzzed. The text said: "Sponge Bob wears glasses, but only while jelly fishing."

I couldn't believe it. So I asked Tayler what the number was. 242242.....ChaCha. I had to try it out.
 I asked them, "Who coined the term "Blog" ? Within one minute I had my answer. Jorn Barger. It started with the term "Web Log" and went from there.

I for one think this will be handy. I can't wait to use it while standing in a circle of people when that "little answer" has slipped every one's mind. I will come to the rescue using ChaCha! In fact, I will just make up a reason to text them!


  1. I didn't even know how to text until a few weeks ago, so no I had no idea! :) I am technologically illiterate.

  2. I did know about spongebob's fishing glasses though! :)

  3. Very exciting news for YOU!
    My only questions is; does it cost anything, or does it go right into my unlimited text place? Please ask your ever so smart Tayler, or maybe better yet ask ChaCha!
    I await your answer.....

  4. It's just like sending a normal text!