Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Favorite...Barlean's Fish Oil

We went to Barlean's yesterday to try their new fish oil. The kids were so excited. They love going in there just because it's fun to get fish fresh off the ice. They also like to try all of the samples of oil. They even save the little spoons and bring them home to eat with them. I guess simple pleasures are not lost on these two. If you go right to Barleans plant you save 30-50% off look at it as the Fish Outlet Store. Does it get more fun than that? They are located on the corner of Slater Road and Lake Terrell Road, Ferndale.

Here is what I was hearing from the back seat all morning..."Could the MANGO PEACH really outshine the Lemon Zest?" It was the topic of the day. I was wondering if I needed to get them out more, but we had just returned from a Kangaroo Farm, so I think they are doing fine.

We parked and they scrambled out of the van. They marched in and waited for the tiny spoon. They tried the Orange flavor and liked it a lot. They also liked the Pomegranate Blueberry vegan formula. The guy working there made it a big show...he was so nice to the kids. When they tried the Mango Peach they freaked out. Hahahaha...freaking out over FISH OIL. I'm not making this stuff up. When we got back into the van they were begging to open it right then. I told them they could probably wait until we got home. But by the time I finished my sentence, I saw Autumn passing  a tiny spoonful of it over to Chase.
"Ok...that's enough. Put it away,"I said.
They fought over who could read the back of the bottle the last ten miles.

My point in all of this is:
I could easily give you all of the benefits of ingesting essential fatty acids. But I think you will agree that a product can be the healthiest thing on the planet, and if it tastes will want it.

Barlean's Omega Swirl tastes like a smoothie. I promise. You will love it.
Just ask Chase.


  1. Agreed! These Omega Swirls are revolutionary. Finally an Omega-3 supplement the whole family will like. Best part, though hard to believe,'s ALL NATURAL!!

  2. I love Barleans products but have never been out to their store and it sounds like I should :)

  3. Everyone should come out to Barlean's Fishery! Not only do we have the full line of Barlean's Organic Oils (got to live family run local businesses!), we also have the freshest fish you'll find in the Pacific Northwest! Bring the kids, we have a tank of crabs they find fascinating, and they really love the omega swirls Barlean's Organic Oils launched!

  4. Is it cheaper to get the fish oil from them or Costco?

  5. My kids just love Barleans too! I included your photo on my blog with a link back to you. They are really loving the new Peach Mango flavor. I love making smoothies with it for a great healthy snack. You can even stick spinach or chard or beet juice in there and you can't really even taste the veggies! Here is my blog post for snack ideas for you & your kids.