Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Candi Cane

I told my sister that if she became a follower of my blog I would write a post about her. So here it goes. Some of my best memories of her are from when we were young. Those were the days when we were allowed to roam freely all over the planet. We were as happy to run out the door as our parents were to see us go. We would wake up on Saturday, watch our morning cartoons, then pack our Tupperware full of PB & J and Kool-Aid. What amazes me is that they never checked on us! We spent most of our time down at the creek swimming and catching crawdads. And we were SIX and NINE!!! It's amazing we survived! Oh how much fun we had exploring abandoned houses and wooded trails. The funny thing is that the ONLY time our Mom told us NOT to get wet, I almost drowned.....We were running down a very narrow trail with shrubs and brush all around us. We'd been there dozens of times. I remember coming around a corner and then all of a sudden there was only air beneath my feet. I splashed into the water below me and went under. My head came to the surface and I grabbed a hold of a culvert pipe with water rushing out of it. I started screaming because I was below spider webs, not because I was going under water. I wanted away from those spiders NOW. Candi ran to the edge of the water and came in to save me. It was very dramatic. She drug me to the shore and we sat there breathing heavy, thankful to be alive. Wet hair matted to our faces. We then realized we were in big trouble. We were wet. Drenched. We knew they would never believe us. We went home terrified. Well I was anyway. I have never asked her how she felt. Oddly enough I don't remember if we were punished. I will have to ask my Dad if he remembers. Either way I am sure they didn't appreciate the fact that they could have LOST US. I really should go back there and see it again. It's probably a just a little puddle about three feet deep with a teeney little pipe dripping water out the end.

I am thankful she threw herself in for me. I'm sure she would do it again if the situation ever arose.....I hope. :) I could go on and on about our adventures...I could talk about us beating off the sharks from our playroom rug.....but that's another post for another day.

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