Monday, October 5, 2009


I thought I would share an argument I recently overheard between my eight year old daughter , and my six year-going-on- 15- year old nephew. I was loading some things into the van at my Dad's house when I heard Autumn and Ace having a heated discussion. Finally they decided to take it up with me and I heard their little feet stomping towards me. Autumn was the first to reach me and Ace was standing behind her, hands on hips. "Mom!" she yelled. "Isn't it true that if you get your arm cut off it will grow back?!" I set my bag down and turned to face her. I had enough time to think to myself that I must be a first class failure of a home school Mom if she really thought that. I haven't really covered anatomy with them, but STILL..... One thing we spent a LOT of time on though was worms. HMMMM......I knew where this was heading. "No", I said. "That is not true." I looked at Ace out of the corner of my eye and saw him nodding his head and smiling. Autumn it comes......"But WORMS grow back when THEY get cut in half!" I explained to her that while that sounded so logical, it just didn't carry over to us people. It would be very....handy.....but it just wasn't so. I turned back to what I was doing, laughing to myself....out loud. Then Autumn stomped her foot and said, "Well, I saw someone at the Highland Games and she had an arm that was HALF-BACK" I leaned down so I was eye to eye with her and lowered my voice....."Autumn, honey.....her arm wasn't half back. It was half gone. Trust me. It wasn't growing BACK." "But she had new little fingers, Mom..." I had no words at that point. I just shook my head and made a mental note to pick up a nice anatomy book for our schooling this year. No more Insect Kingdom. Just basic Health 101.....

Needless to say she was not happy being shown up by her little cousin. He on the other hand was just fine with it...


  1. Kids are soooo funny!!! You just have to love what goes through their little heads ;)

  2. Ohhh I really like the colorfulness of this blog too!