Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Who else loves these shoes? My Dad has always had them so I grew up thinking they were great. They are manly. They are handsome. They are cozy. They just scream "I am really hard working and look great while am doing it!"
We moved to a farm town and every other person wears them. I love it! It's just so authentic.
I have chickens. I have bunnies. I decided to get a pair. I went into Elenbaas Country store and talked to Jerry. Remember his name. I will be telling you more about him later when I post about my chickens.
Anyway he set me up. I put them on and smiled all the way out the door. I had heard how comfy they were and was thrilled for my own feet. I wore them for a couple of days. Much to my dismay I had a really bad sore spot on my right ankle where the shoe was digging in!?! It hurt SO bad! But I refused to believe it. These were ROMEOS. The most comfortable shoe ever invented. So I pushed through, limping. And when people would notice I had them on and compliment me I would say, "Yes, and they are so comfy" But what they didn't know is I had stuffed two of my socks in the side of the shoe to cushion the pain.
After a week I decided they must be..... defective. So back to the feed store I went. I walked up to the counter and told Tyler my problem. Jerry wasn't there...lucky for him. Marshall was surprised and looked skeptical so I threw my leg on his counter and showed him the purple bruise. He then picked up my socks that I had pulled out of my shoe. "See! I am telling you! It hurts...I had no choice" I whimpered, head down on my arm.
He walked to the back to switch out my shoe. No luck. All out of size 8. "Just give it time", he said. I turned around to leave. "Fine!".....and limped out the door, socks back in place. It took about a week and then "Wa-Lah" .....they were fine. More then fine, actually. They were cozy. They hugged my feet like a familiar blanket. They truly lived up to their reputation.
Now that Fall is here, I have dug them back out. I love wearing them again. Do you have a pair? You should. And if you don't, I can totally hook you up.
They even have PINK ones now. Autumn is getting a pair for her Birthday. She will SO look the part while she feeds her rabbit. :)

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