Friday, October 2, 2009

One is silver, the other gold.....

Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver the other gold....

There is a lot so say for new friendship. It's exciting to meet new people and learn things about each other. You get to tell your story to them and leave out the parts you would rather them not know....You discover all of the things you have in common. Hanging out is fun and novel. You both put your best foot forward. Building new friendship can be rewarding and I highly recommend it. I have a couple of new friends that FEEL like old friends....we just click. We give each other understanding and grace. We are Gumby friends. We spend hours just talking and laughing. It's just easy. I guess those are my gold plated friends? I treasure each of them. That's for sure.

I am hanging out with a "Gold" friend today. She has been my friend for twenty three years. We played Cabbage Patch kids together. We fought over Ricky Schroeder.....he didn't turn out all that cute, did he? We rode bikes, made up dances that were way better then Stefani and Rikki's dances. We watched movies, rode in the back of her Dad's truck....(walk this way walk this way walk this way)We bathed together...until we were 17! Hey, it was a different time back then. We got in trouble together. We fought over boys. We tortured her sister. We wanted in the Pink Ladies club so badly. But there was one requirement. You had to have french kissed a boy. We were out of luck. There were no takers. We wanted IN so they made us kiss each other. Yes, she was my first kiss. But we hated every second of it and were very grossed out. We made that awkward journey from girl to woman together. We stuck up for each other no matter what. She knows me and all of my flaws and still loves me. Even though I laughed at her that time when she fell asleep on the carpet during prayer meeting and her braces got stuck in the carpet. Even though I took pictures of her when she fell on the ice at camp instead of helping her up. Even though I didn't have her as my maid of honor which is something I have always regretted. She still loves me.

We now have daughters who are friends. I hope they stay that way. I hope they grow up and have those fun memories together like we have. It's a rare thing in this busy world to keep any relationship going. Jen would still stick up for me no matter what. I can tell her anything and know she won't throw in the towel. I can call her when I am freaking out. I can cry on her lap, and laugh so hard I pee my pants.....which happened recently when a lady behind us in the van was having road rage and making fun of Jenipher's rabbit teeth. We still act like kids...which OUR kids sorta hate. :) Hmmmmm....oh well. I better go get ready. She will be here to get me in a couple of hours. She will be all organized, I will be running around late and missing things....She'll say "Mikki! You should have been up earlier" It's 6 am! I AM up early. But it won't matter...I will still make us late. :)

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  1. YOU have 7 followers!!! You are so much cooler than me!!! LOL anyway, nice blog it is full of cute memories!