Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ok...cows do taste really good.

So I had a steak last night. I can count on two fingers how many times that has happened in the past seven years. For the past few months I have been tempted to throw in the towel on the whole "Only Fish And Chicken" lifestyle. I'm getting bored. I came up with a compromise. I decided to look for HAPPY cows to eat. Ya know, cows that were pampered. Really spoiled. Cows that roamed around eating real grass all day and visiting each other down at the pond. NICE cows. Cows that lived a rewarding and full life. If you go to the meat department you can find them. It will say right on the package. It will give you the family history and I think there is even a link on the wrapper that will allow you to view their pictures from babyhood on up. This is's true. Prom pictures and all.... I was sharing all of this with a friend the other day. We discussed my decision to make the switch and my thoughts on the matter. But she had a different point of view. Why would I want to eat a NICE cow? That's just sad. They don't deserve that. That's sorta mean....I should instead look for a package that says,

This cow was a REAL JERK.

He bit people

He kicked people

He cussed out everyone near him for NO GOOD REASON

He gored three children

He DESERVED to get eaten.

I instantly saw the wisdom in it. I no longer felt the need to find the Mr. Rogers cows. I would just buy the darn beef and hope I was doing some child a favor by eating it. He would never charge anyone ever again. GOOD RIDDANCE!! And last night as I was enjoying my second steak in seven years I thought about that cow. I didn't think about it's big brown eyes, or it's deprived childhood....I thought about how AMAZING tasted. I didn't even want to swallow, just chew and chew all night. I was so sad when I got full! And guess that moment I didn't care what kind of life it had led. I would have eaten it regardless.
I would call that a turning point....My kids will be so happy to see it on their plates from now on. They won't even have to sneak off to Auntie's or Grandma's house to get it. But I STILL don't think I will relent on McDonalds burgers... I will have to look into that one. But I am SURE their McNuggets are definitely from miserable, loser, gangster chickens....


  1. Hmmm... this raises so many questions in my mind. I don't think I know you well enough to know what all your thoughts are on this. But I will say, I eat cow. Happy cows. Raised on Justin's grandpa's farm. And my naturopath told me to do it.

    Now, McDonald's hamburgers...are they really cow??? THAT'S the real question. ;-)

  2. There is a lot to say for happy cows. :) I see the benefit in it....I was just throwing a twist into my original feelings about it... :)

  3. Nice! We buy half a cow every year and stick him in his new home... the deep freeze.

    I wish I could say these are happy cows, but we are in Wyoming afterall - Windy, Freezing, Hot, Wet, Parched... this is all in one day. But our new freezer tenant did get to rome around the plains freely, watching the sunsets and sunrises.

    As for taste... You can definately tell the difference from a 1984-ish feed lot steak and one from a cowboy's cow.

    So, good for you for not throwing in the towel. Just like with your friends; you have to be picky on the type of cow you want to let live in your freezer.

    take care


  4. Yes....I drove through Wyoming in JUNE and it was snowing!! I'm sure those cows tough cookies...

  5. even though that cow was a jerk. i still would be sad to have its meat on my plate.