Sunday, October 11, 2009

Plumb...... She so gets it...

I am sitting here listening to "Blink" by Plumb. I love this album. It never fails to make me feel inspired. The melodies are lilting and beautiful. The lyrics strike you right in the middle of your heart. They are unpredictable and lovely. I have been brought to tears many times. It is Brilliant.

The lead singer is named Tiffany Arbuckle Lee. She has three children named Solomon Fury, Oliver Canon, and Clementine Fire. She began her career in 1997. I remember going to a Plumb concert in Branson, Missouri that year. She came out with long beautiful brown curls cascading down her back, wearing angel wings. Her voice was resonating....the music calming.

Her music ranges from rock, to alternative, to ballads about her children. Amy Lee of "Evanescence" has said Plumb is one of her inspirations. I love both of their voices for the same reasons, so I am not surprised. Tiffany wanted to leave the music industry in 2000. A few hours before her last concert she received a note from a girl who had been molested as a child and was thanking her for writing the song "Damaged" because it had helped her cope with the pain and had changed her life. That letter inspired her to stay put and keep producing music.

When you listen to "Blink" you will feel as though you have stumbled upon a journal written by a Mother to her children. It will bring to the surface feelings you didn't know how to put into words but knew they were always there. The awe and wonder of Mothering. The pain and joy that go hand in hand as you watch them grow up. The beauty and miracle of childhood. It's deep and timeless. I gave the album to my sister and she told me that it's almost hard to listen to at times because it pierces you. My kids ask me to play it all of the time. It reminds them of how much I love them. It also puts them right to sleep....and come on....that is just priceless..... :)

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